2018 Grand Master wishes


The wealth of masonic diversity is engraved in the strength, wisdom and beauty that enable each of us to follow our own personal path of light according to our own fundamental beliefs and spiritual ambitions.
We represent the 4th path without any links to the UGLE and without further societal discussion, close to traditional freemasonry, but open, and this is what sets us apart from other Grand Lodges, to all women and men that we recognise as brethren, after tyling, of course, if there is any doubt.
The advance of the “Grande Loge Européenne de la Fraternite Universelle” (European Grand Lodge of Universal Fraternity) opening up to all those who are initiated around the world, leads us to hope that we will be successful in uniting that which is scattered, through our ambitious project of a grand confederation of lodges, to serve all brethren in search of harmony, peace, love and fraternity…
It is my wish for freemasonry in general, and in particular for every one of you, that you convey the happiness that you feel at every lodge meeting to the uninitiated outside world around you…
Fraternal Greetings  CG GM GLEFU