Juillet 2013 : GLFMW(Grande Loge anglaise) rejoint GLEFU.

Ceci permet aux membres de GLEFU de voyager sans problème dans les differentes loges de GLFMW :

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A Special announcement  and a first for Grand Lodge of Freemasonry for Men and Women (August 2013).

GLEFU. A NEW Grand Lodge for European Fraternity and Universality, founded in 2013 by joining together the Grand Lodge of European Fraternity and OFU (Order of Universal Fraternity)  The aims of the Grand Lodge is to provide a vehicle for services to Independent European Masonic Grand Lodges with respect to their sovereign rights. 

The aim of the Fraternity is to maintain a focus on Masonic aims, reduce bureaucracy, the desire of ambition and retain low costs.   The basis Masonic values of freedom is essential together with the recognition of a Supreme being called God in all main religions.  The V.S.L. (Volume of Sacred Law or Lore) of main recognized religions is essentially recognized and Open at every Lodge Meeting..

The new Order of European Fraternity and Universality,  recognizes Grand Lodges which have membership of  male and female masons equally.   As well as Lodges which retain only male members or female only members.   Inter-visiting between Lodges within the membership  of the Grand Order for European Fraternity and Universality is entirely in accordance with the membership of  the individual Grand Lodges  with respect to their own visiting rules.   Membership of GLFM-W  (Grand Lodge  Freemasonry for Men and Women, England, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Cyprus)  may visit GLEFU (Grand Lodge for European Fraternity and Universality ) freely with respect to individual Grand Lodges as recognized by GLEFU Rules.

The Grand Lodge for European Fraternity and Universality practices symbolic rituals, which at present are the Craft Ritual of Emulation, the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of the Additional and Perfection degrees.